Announces Unity Art Rally from New York to Miami for the Basel Week

NEW YORK, Nov. 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — /Datuna Art Studio/ — Today American contemporary artist David Datuna is back on the streets of New York City with his mobile installation of American flags “SOS” and “ONE.” Datuna called this Art Rally “Unity,” calling for the nation to come together.

The artist will be navigating New York’s five boroughs before taking the Art Rally to Miami for the Basel Week.

Datuna’s Unity Art Rally is a new performance stemming from David’s Make America Stronger Together project. Prior to the US elections his two-sided mobile installation of the same name appeared on the streets of New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC, and since then has become one of the most iconic images from this election cycle, featured in publications such as Forbes, Fortune, USA Today, and Mashable, among others, in America, and a host of international publications.

At the time, this rich in symbolism project was directed at candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump with an appeal to stop dividing the country in their race for power.

“Art is a living organism,” said Datuna. “It allows me to see how one conceptual artwork morphs with time into something else, and in this new incarnation takes on a new form of interaction with the audience, channeling new energy, emotions, and hopefully actions.”

David Datuna will appear with his Unity Art Rally on the streets of New York starting today, and in South Beach, Miami Beach Convention Center, and Downtown Miami starting November 30th for the Basel Art Week.

The first new work of the series, titled ONE, will premiere at Art Miami in Contessa Gallery’s booth (#D407).

About David Datuna:
American artist David Datuna has been creating historical documents expressing freedom, global unity and the celebration of cultural identity in the form of sculptural flags, portraits and icons for nearly two decades.

He is widely known for his “Viewpoint of Millions” series, with his signature technique of covering his artwork with a cascading wall of optical lenses. The lenses in different magnifications and colors are fused together as the artists preferred medium. The veil symbolizes the positive and negative viewpoints of a diverse contemporary society, while contrasting unity and diversity among the adversity of the times we live in—yet we remain together as one.

Bill Daddi
Daddi Brand Communications

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