Early Thanksgiving Morning and the air is cold, a sense of excitement and anticipation is all around us. Many have come from surrounding communities to check in for perhaps their first Fort Lauderdale Annual Turkey Trot and Paddle Event. Women and men with strollers, husbands and wives, athletes from universities and just your every day runners, even young children filled with energy are excited this morning.

This event was held in D. C. Alexander Park on A1A/Fort Lauderdale’s Beach and hosted by iTRACE Foundation and Emerge Broward. This special event is held each year to raise funds and bring awareness to promote and support healthy living with an emphasis on childhood obesity.

The 5K course ran along A1A while the 2 mile paddleboard race took place during the same time. This event is expected to raise over 60K.

This is our first time attending the Event and we expect to capture not just images but a moment in time, through both video and photos of over 1800 Floridians, dedicated to the fulfillment of such a cause.

South Florida, it feels good to be with you.  Salutations to those who came out this morning in participation for this awesome event.