There are few things I love more than flying. Well, maybe one thing—my family. There is simply nothing like the peace I feel and the quiet of being in the air. It’s amazing that despite traveling 200mph, everything just slows down when I’m flying. And the views are breathtaking.

I have been flying  for just over 7 years and like to share my experiences, photographs, and thoughts on being a pilot. I truly appreciate the rare moments away from the office and enjoy each opportunity to take to the sky. Whenever I can, I donate my time and airplane flying as a volunteer pilot for several nonprofit flight organizations. I have received last-minute calls more that once, whether it’s to help a friend in need, or make homecoming more comfortable for veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. I am most proud of the flights I’ve taken on behalf of Angel Flight providing travel for those receiving life saving medical care like organ transplants, dialysis, cancer treatments and other surgeries. It’s great to be able to give back.
The easiest flights are to destinations throughout Florida and the Bahamas. I find friends are most comfortable with trips lasting around 3 hours, which from South Florida get us to Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Atlanta, Birmingham, Charlotte, and New Orleans with ease. With Florida’s proximity to the Bahamas, we can fly over for deep sea fishing or a relaxing weekend in the islands.

What you won’t miss when you fly private: the stress and hassle of airport lines, lost luggage, missed connections, and flying on their schedule. The luxury of flying private can sometimes be more economical, and is always more efficient, than flying commercial.

South Florida isn’t just a destination, it’s a terrific jumping off point to exotic destinations around the Caribbean; some only minutes away via private charter.

I’ve spent over 20 hours with South Florida Pilot Marcus Pradel in small single and twin engine aircraft in a variety of conditions and always felt at ease with his professionalism and knowledge.

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