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Pompano Beach Technology Architect and Photographer John Spade

Pompano Beach resident, Technology Architect and Photographer John Spade captured the Moon Waxing Crescent with his Canon 6D with Electron C8 Telescope.  During this time the Northern Right is visible 1-49% and the Southern Hemisphere Left is visible 1-49% in the afternoon and post-dusk.  The standard time is around 3pm. John pursued photography as a hobb[...]

Jeb Bush 17th Annual Cystic Fibrosis Beach Bash 2012

It was an awesome turnout for the Jeb Bush 17th Annual Beach Bash held at the Hyatt Hotel Pier Sixty Six in Fort Lauderdale Florida on November 1st.  MT Global Media owners Marcus Pradel and Matt Pisoni was one of the Sponsors for the event. [widgetkit id=395] Alexandra Neto Founder and Creative Director of Otena Concepts and Brad Minto owner of  The A[...]

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